After visiting Missouri many times during my childhood, only because my father owned a cattle farm for a few years, I had ZERO positive expectations as I ventured back to that desolate state for my little sister’s wedding. I mean, seriously. Back then (I’m guessing I was about 10 years old), I went to the mall, 45 miles from the farm and it didn’t even have a Gap. 45 MILES. NO Gap. WTH? I felt like I was on Mars then and it’s what I was expecting for this wedding.

Boy was I mistaken.

I had the pleasure of staying at the Raphael Hotel in Kansas City’s Plaza district. I loved this charming and luxurious boutique hotel. I truly enjoyed my stay and would gladly go back. It was a delightful, girly getaway with my older daughter as my sole traveling companion. The Plaza area around the hotel was FAR from my childhood Gap-lacking, pathetic excuse for a strip mall. Perfect weather, meticulously maintained, pedestrian-friendly grounds complete with our favorite stores (with great sales for Miss Frugal, herself), and NO obligations (at least not any stressful ones) for a few consecutive days. Bliss.

Okay, okay. Scene set, here’s the culinary headliner…

SMOKED SALMON BENEDICT (from Chaz on the Plaza -The Raphael’s restaurant)

Before you judge, I misread the menu description and while I actually like raw salmon, nova and lox, I was expecting poached salmon on top of my eggs. The realization that it was actually lox atop my beloved Benedict was a little off putting but I was too hungry to complain or wait for another dish. Thank the Lord!

This was the best version of eggs Benedict I’ve ever had the good fortune to taste. I might have licked the plate and embarrassed my daughter. It’s cool though because the restaurant was dimly lit.

I’ve since made this a few times at home because I’m not sure I’ll ever get enough of these flavors. My husband, a bagels and lox fanatic, was also a little disenchanted at the idea of mixing lox with eggs, etc. Guess what? He also agrees this regal concoction takes the cake compared to any other eggs Benedict he’s ever had.

Here is my partially eaten dish from the restaurant. I took one bite, had a foodgasm and naturally had to photograph the dish. Duh.

So, here is the restaurant’s menu description:

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Wilted spinach, caramelized onions, butter toasted English muffins, Boursin cheese, hollandaise


And it’s even more exciting to me that it’s fairly simple to make at home. Breakfast is my forte in the kitchen so I love to make this fancy meal at home and pretend we are in a luxe hotel for the morning.

I’m a hollandaise nut. Click here for my favorite hollandaise recipe. I add a little extra lemon juice and a LOT of extra cayenne but this is my go to for this indulgent sauce. The rest of the ingredients are simple enough, even for novice cooks. And if you suck at poaching eggs (like I do), you can practice until your heart’s content (like I do…because I have issues) or simply fry or soft boil your eggs.

And there you have it…my idea of the Holy Grail of Super Fancy Eggs Benedict! If you’re in Kansas City (MO) or if you’re not bad in the kitchen, I urge you to give this a try and let me know what you think. Happy Eating!