It’s no secret I love a bargain but I love free even more! This book is one of the best children’s books I’ve read and makes a great gift so I suggest adding it to your shopping list for one (or 10) of the little ones in your life.

Sebastian Scouts The 7 Wonders Educational Children's Book

Sebastian promises to take you on an educational and entertaining adventure, opening the door for additional dialogue and teaching opportunities. Sneaky author.



Even better is this week, the Kindle ebook version on Amazon is FREE. Yes, free.


Try out the digital version to see if you want to purchase the book or go ahead and order the hard copy and have the ebook version at the ready to entertain your little one(s) while away from home to thwart inevitable boredom. Win-win.

You can download the free Kindle ebook here (or purchase the hardcover).

If you love the book like we do, please leave feedback for the author to inspire her to write more books!

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