If you are like me, and generally prefer understated décor, you may enjoy this post. If you are more drawn to the holiday décor equivalent of jazz hands, you may be underwhelmed. Fair warning.

I found this initial wreath inspiration and tutorial on Pinterest a year or so ago and fell in love with the idea of a twine wrapped initial wreath.

It was the epitome of my kind of uncomplicated classic décor…complete with natural elements and a smidge of preppy. I was thrilled with the finished product and eventually made another as a housewarming gift for one of my best friends who also loved it.

DIY Twine Wrapped Custom Initial Monogram Wreath | missfrugalfancypants.com

Original Everyday Version

I purchased a paper mache letter at Joann’s and wrapped it with twine. Aside from a glue gun, that’s it, folks. It’s pretty by itself but I chose to dig through my silk flowers and add a little neutral charm.

This wreath has bounced around from the front door, to the inside of the front door, to my kitchen and back. I really am happy with it no matter where it winds up. However, the primary reason my beloved gets bounced around so often is to make front door space for my seasonal wreaths (more on those down the road).

And while I do love my other more traditional wreaths…the Christmas wreath, the Valentine wreath, the St. Patrick’s Day wreath, the summer wreath, the fall wreath and even a Gasparilla wreath, etc… It recently occurred to me that not everyone wants to have, or more specifically store a zillion wreaths.

I happen to keep mine hanging on hooks in my garage wherever there is awkward wall space so that they don’t get crushed in closets. This also helps keep me from finding more DIY wreaths on Pinterest, going to the craft store to buy more stuff, only to realize I already have a fall wreath. Duh.

And before you scratch your head, yes. The answer is yes. I do forget all about more than half of what I own. It’s the world’s worst case of mommy brain. No joke.

Okay, back to my idea. Instead of storing a zillion wreaths, what if I just swapped out the décor in the corner and only had to store a few pieces of seasonal swag in ziplock bags or a small container? And a single wreath? It doesn’t get more frugal than that.

I prefer to keep things super simple with this particular wreath and sadly, that doesn’t always make an exciting photograph. I will do another post on a more traditional, round burlap wreath with the same idea since it allows more flexibility to add bling, if that’s more your thing (jazz hands folks, I’m talking to you).

I whipped up a year’s worth of sample ideas to show you how a single wreath can be flexible, save you storage space and still allow you to incorporate a teeny bit of seasonal décor into your own classic space.

Since these were really just examples, I plan to have a little more fun with them as each new season approaches and coordinating items are a little easier to find…not so easy to find a shamrock in October, FYI.

DIY Twine Wrapped Custom Initial Monogram Wreath that can be Customized for Holidays | missfrugalfancypants.com


I hope this will inspire you to inject a little seasonality into your decor.