This past 4th of July was a little different for us. We decided to take a break from hosting a gathering and to simply enjoy a private day with our little party of four. I wanted to do a 4th of July crab boil instead of our usual BBQ style outdoor holiday.

4th of July Cherry Pie |

The day before, we both started to get the itch to have people over but we’d already agreed to host a private affair and had already purchased the crab legs and other food which was only enough for us. And frugal gal that I am, I wasn’t about to run back to the store to pay an arm and a leg for the now not on sale crab. But I still wanted to make it a little more special than a regular family dinner and of course, I wanted something pretty…or fun…or obnoxious…

4th of July Crab Boil |

Long story short, I wanted to make this paper star mobile from Pinterest, ran to the craft stores to find a star punch, discovered they didn’t exist in the size I needed and I resorted to handcutting a bazillion stars the morning of the 4th. (See my ladybug party post for further evidence that my handcutting is valid proof of my need for a Cricut (affiliate link).) I sewed the stars together the same way I did for the Elmo party hanging circles and actually enjoyed this last minute project with my older daughter since we weren’t on any sort of deadline. If it didn’t happen, oh well. If it did, great! We had cute stars to look at!

4th of July |

These photos were taken on my phone and are definitely not the best quality but hopefully you can still appreciate the small scale celebration we enjoyed.

I put out some patriotic fabric I had in my stash as a table runner by folding it into the correct size. No need to sew or hem when it’s last minute.

We had crab legs, potatoes and corn in the pot and served shrimp cocktail as our appetizer. I made my daughter’s favorite cherry pie and adorned it with stars. Boom. (Pun fully intended)

4th of July Crab Boil |

4th of July Crab Boil | missfrugalfancypants.comWe will probably invite a few friends over this year but no matter what, I want to do the crab boil again. It was so easy and crab legs make me happy.

4th of July Crab Boil |