I think I’ve made it pretty clear in previous posts that I am a huge fan of burlap and other natural and neutral decorating materials. When I discovered the fun burlap owl ribbon at Wally World and made my friend her fall owl wreath, I also happened upon some burlap spider web ribbon. I decided I could use this stuff to make myself an understated Halloween Burlap Spider Wreath. Easy-peasy, right? Pfft.

Halloween Burlap Spider Wreath | missfrugalfancypants.com

Making the burlap wreath with just the addition of the spider ribbon was easy. And honestly, a huge part of me just wanted to leave it as is because I’m simple and understated to a fault…when it comes to decor, that is. I’m not Forest Gump. Unless I’m tired. But, I digress.

Halloween Burlap Spider Wreath | missfrugalfancypants.comBut even my aversion to the traditional Halloween colors was telling me this bad boy needed something

So I made an orange bow (from orange burlap found in the dollar bin at Target, FYI).

Halloween Burlap Spider Wreath | missfrugalfancypants.com

Nope. Something else.

A spider. Duh. A big giant orange spider.

Off to Michael’s we went. My 10 year old convinced me the giant black spider, that I wanted to spray paint, would be too large and we just had to get this glittery orange, yet conveniently clip-on, spider. I knew it would be too small but I let her decide.

Halloween Burlap Spider Wreath | missfrugalfancypants.com

Knowing the diva spider would be a tad too small, I searched for something else to add to this spider wreath. I found laser cut Halloween words and went with the appropriate, “EEK!”

Halloween Burlap Spider Wreath | missfrugalfancypants.com

But alas, it still wasn’t working for us. I hated it, the 10 year old hated it, the husband hated it (well, he just hates Halloween but he hated it nonetheless).

And then the little turd told me, “we should have gotten the big black spider you wanted.”

Um, ya think?!?! #thisiswhyiamacontrolfreak #iammostlyalwaysright

really didn’t want to drive back to Michael’s to buy a $1.50 spider. It’s one of those traffic/parking lot nightmares that I try to avoid at all costs.

But then I found this lil’ guy at Target for $5. More than I wanted to spend but he made me laugh and I knew we could do something with him. (I apologize for some of these blurry pics but a certain toddler broke my camera so it’s a crapshoot to get decent shots…)

Halloween Burlap Spider Wreath | missfrugalfancypants.com

Sadly, this still wasn’t working for us but he found a new home…And can I tell you how happy it makes me to look at THIS instead of our usual version of this area seen here

Neutral Halloween Coastal Decor | missfrugalfancypants.com

Sadly (for me), that white, greige serene scene (complete with the crooked knob) will undoubtedly be obnoxiously decorated come Halloween Eve. Loud sigh.

As luck would have it, once I pulled out the dreaded Halloween bins, wouldn’t you know we had a big, giant, fluffy spider? Quite sure my thrift store maven mama deposited that sucker unbenknownst to me last year but since it came in handy, I swear I won’t gripe about it. #thingsthatarehard

Halloween Burlap Spider Wreath | missfrugalfancypants.com

And I should probably apologize right now to the hashtag haters. Sometimes they annoy me, sometimes they make me giggle when used outside of social media. Annoying or not, you know their intent is some serious tongue in cheek. This makes me cool with them.

Moving on…

Free, fuzzy spider has wire legs so I just wound him into random spots so he would hold tight. I slapped the EEK! back on and I’m done.

Halloween Burlap Spider Wreath | missfrugalfancypants.com

Not totally convinced this is the perfect spider wreath (at least not for a gal who hates them…and Halloween…) but it works. And Mr. Halloween Hater actually loves it so it’s gonna stay as is.

See how fun it is to live with me? Creative (or not) processes are ongoing and evolving…kinda sorta.

And oddly enough, this little aftertthought of a setup is our favorite. I’m all about the understated…

Neutral Halloween Coastal Decor | missfrugalfancypants.com

Hoping you find some inspiration to go craft yourself crazy this month to add flashy, neutral or normal (whatever that is) Halloween flair to your homebase.