It truly seems like I just started this blog a month ago so it’s hard for me to grasp that I have an entire year of actual data to gauge my top posts. I’m so very thankful for you regular readers and supporters and for the feedback and encouragement!

The feedback is so important to me. I’m always gonna do what I’m gonna do (I’m stubborn like that), but it’s so very interesting to see what projects pique interest in others vs. the ones that only make me happy. I will continue to blog about what I do but your likes, ignores, pins, comments, messages and visits enlighten me as to what you might be looking for in cyberworld. You unknowingly encourage me to build on ideas and dig deeper to find better ones to make things happen that can encourage you to make your own spaces and lives fancier and fun…frugally, of course.

Anyway, in case you missed some of this year’s posts or are new to Miss Frugal Fancy Pants and all of my random, (mostly) happy things to share, I’ve decided to recap my Top 10 Posts for 2015 (based on page visits). 2 of these 10 posts were actually from 2014 but were visited so many times in 2015, I had to include them. I hope you can find new inspiration in these old posts, or allow this post to serve as a reminder for some of these ideas you didn’t get around to making happen in 2015. It’s a new year!

Top 10 Posts of 2015

1. Family Command Center – You want to be organized! Yay! You might also simply have the same aqua obsession I have. Welcome to my world.

Family Command Center |

2. DIY Chalk Paint Entertainment Center Makeover – You love the idea of transforming your outdated furniture into something new and fun. (You secretly also hope it’s as easy as I say it is.)

Affordable DIY Entertainment Center Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen|

3. Mermaid Party – You love mermaids as much as we do. And maybe the aqua thing.


Little Mermaid Under the Sea 1st Birthday Party Decor with DIY Jellyfish & Mermaid Tail |


4. Organized Craft Closet – You struggle with keeping your craft supplies under wraps. The struggle is real. I feel your pain. This post made you love me for offering storage ideas for your plethora of craft supplies or made you dig deeper into my blog to see just how crazy I really am. We both win, either way.


Craft Closet


5. Living Room Makeover  – You want to revamp your space without going into debt. I get it.


Mostly Coastal Budget Living Room |


6. Double the Life of Cut Hydrangeas – You get just as annoyed with dying flowers as I do.

Double the Life of Your Cut Hydrangeas |


7. Front Door Refresh – You’re looking for a fun, easy and inexpensive way to add some life to dead, boring space.


Aqua Front Door Refresh |


8. Pirate Party – You speak pirate. Argh. Let’s be mateys.


Outdoor Pirate Party Ideas |


9. DIY Bathroom Storage – You need more storage above the crapper. Who doesn’t? (yes, that was super unfancy but it got your attention, huh?)


DIY Built In Bathroom Storage Shelves |


10. Laundry Room – You need storage but let’s be honest. If you love this post, it’s because you just need random, pretty spaces in your house that are totally unnecessarily pretty. Welcome to my world.


Affordable Small Space Laundry Closet with Tons of Storage |


I have plenty of ideas and projects stored up for this year, but making them actually happen is another story! I’d also love to hear any ideas you have that you’d like to see me try in order to help you complete your own projects.

Again, thank you for taking time out of your busy days to read what’s going on in my little corner of the interwebs. Happy New Year!


Top 10 Posts of 2015 from Miss Frugal Fancy Pants including DIY Makeovers on a Budget and Entertaining Ideas |